Department of English

The Department of English at our college is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding and mastery of the English language. With a passionate and experienced faculty, we provide a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses literature, language, and communication skills. Our courses are designed to enhance students’ proficiency in reading, writing, and critical analysis, enabling them to express themselves articulately and think critically. From classic literature to contemporary texts, our students engage with diverse literary works, exploring the richness of language and culture. Through innovative teaching methods and interactive sessions, the Department of English cultivates a supportive learning environment, nurturing students to achieve excellence in written and verbal communication. Join us on a journey of literary exploration and linguistic refinement, where the pursuit of perfection in the English language is at the heart of our academic mission.

aims and objectives

1. Foster Language Mastery: Cultivate a profound command of the English language through a dynamic curriculum encompassing literature, language, and communication skills.

2. Promote Critical Thinking: Develop students’ ability to think critically and analyze diverse literary works, encouraging intellectual engagement with both classic and contemporary texts.

3. Enhance Communication Skills: Equip students with exceptional written and verbal communication skills, preparing them for success in various academic and professional pursuits.

Teaching Faculty

Shubra Sukla Baidya Ghosh


Head of the Department

Narayan Gahatraj

M. A., (NET)

Niyar Boro

M. A.(NET),  (Contractual)

Khanin Baro

M. A., (Part-Time)

Shrabarna Das

M. A., (Part-time)

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