Department of Bengali

The Department of Bengali at our college is dedicated to fostering a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the Bengali language, literature, and culture. Our experienced faculty members are passionate about imparting knowledge and skills that enable students to communicate effectively in Bengali, appreciate the richness of Bengali literature, and understand the cultural nuances embedded in the language. The department offers a well-rounded curriculum that covers language proficiency, classical and contemporary literature, and cultural studies. Through engaging lectures, interactive workshops, and immersive experiences, students not only become proficient in Bengali but also gain a profound appreciation for the depth and diversity of the language and its cultural heritage. Our commitment to excellence ensures that graduates from the Department of Bengali are well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to the preservation and promotion of the Bengali language and culture in the broader global context.


 Department has a good collection of more than 300 textbooks and references as well as that are accessible for both students and teachers. The Department has a good numbers of collections of Bengali cultural materials. The Department has also a computer with Internet facility and also its own Wall magazine. 

Teaching Faculty

Shampi Chakraborty


Head of the Department

 Dr. Avijit Chakraborty

M.A., Ph. D.

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