Department of Bodo

The Department of Bodo at our college is dedicated to providing comprehensive and specialized education in the Bodo language and its associated cultural and literary aspects. Our expert faculty members are committed to fostering a deep understanding and proficiency in the Bodo language, ensuring that students not only acquire linguistic skills but also gain insight into the rich cultural heritage of the Bodo community. The department employs innovative teaching methods, including interactive sessions, language labs, and cultural events, to create a dynamic learning environment. Students in the Department of Bodo can expect to graduate with a strong foundation in the language, enabling them to contribute to the preservation and promotion of Bodo culture and heritage.


 Department has a good collection of more than 300 textbooks and references as well as that are accessible for both students and teachers. The Department has a good numbers of collections of Bodo cultural materials. The Department has also a computer with Internet facility and also its own Wall magazine. 

Teaching Faculty

Dr. Pramila Boro

M.A., Ph. D

Head of the Department

Dr. Rita Boro

M.A., (SLET), Ph.D

Someswar Boro

M.A., (NET), B.Ed., M. Phil

Nripen Boro

M.A., (SLET),  M. Phil

 Sailendra Boro

M.A., (NET)

Neela Boro

M.A., (SLET) (Contractual)

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