Department of Assamese

The Department of Assamese at our college is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and enriching education in the Assamese language and literature. Our expert faculty members are committed to fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for the rich cultural and literary heritage of Assam. Students in the Department of Assamese engage in a rigorous curriculum that includes the study of Assamese grammar, classical and modern literature, poetry, and folklore. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, students develop strong language proficiency, critical thinking skills, and a profound connection to the linguistic and literary nuances of Assamese. The department also emphasizes the importance of promoting and preserving the indigenous culture of Assam, making it a vibrant hub for learning, creativity, and cultural exploration. Graduates from the Department of Assamese emerge with a strong foundation in their language and a deep sense of pride in contributing to the preservation and promotion of Assamese literature and culture.


 Department has a good collection of more than 300 textbooks and references as well as that are accessible for both students and teachers. The Department has a good numbers of collections of Assamese cultural materials. The Department has also a computer with Internet facility and also its own Wall magazine. 

Teaching Faculty

 Ghateswar Baruah


Head of the Department

Dr. Sabita Mazumdar Kalita

M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D.

Dr. Hemalata Devi Sarmah

M.A., (NET), Ph. D.

 Jayanti Boro

M.A., (NET) (Contractual)

Himanjali Baruah

M. A., (Part-Time)

Nikunja Deka

M. A. (Part-Time)

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