Under Graduate Courses

BSc Course

We provide a selection of subject combinations as outlined below.

Compulsory SubjectsFunctional & General English,
Major SubjectsBotany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Zoology
Elective subjectsBotany, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics and Zoology.

Possible Combinations of Subjects in Major Course:

Major Subject Seat Capacity Compulsory Elective 1 Elective 2
1. BOTANY MAJOR35 i.     F & G Eng ZoologyChemistry
2. CHEMISTRY 35 i.     F & G Eng Physics  Mathematics
 ii.    F & g EngMathematics Statistics
iii.    F & G EngPhysics Statistics
3. MATHEMATICS 40 i.     F & G Eng PhysicsChemistry
 ii.     F & G EngPhysicsStatistics
iii.    F & G Eng ChemistryStatistics
4. PHYSICS35i.     F & G EngMathematicsChemistry
 ii.    F & g EngMathematics Statistics
iii.    F & G EngChemistryStatistics 
5. STATISTICS 30i.  F & G Eng Mathematics  Chemistry
 ii.    F & g EngMathematicsPhysics
iii.    F & G Eng PhysicsChemistry
 6. ZOOLOGY 35  i.  F & G EngChemistryBotany

N. B. : Students willing to take Statistics as Major Course must secure at least 40% marks in Mathematics in the last HSSLC Examinations.

General Course Students have to select any one from the following groups :

GroupsCompulsory Sub1st Elective 2nd Elective3rd Elective
1F. & G. EnglishPhysicsChemistryMathematics
2 F. & G. EnglishBotanyZoologyChemistry
3 F. & G. EnglishBotanyChemistryMathematics
4F. & G. EnglishZoologyBotanyMathematics
5 F. & G. EnglishPhysicsMathematicsStatistics
6F. & G. EnglishStatisticsMathematicsEconomics

Important :  Environmental Studies is a compulsory subject of 100 marks  in TDC  3rd and 4th Semesters Arts & Science and TDC 3rd Semester Commerce.