Department of Environmental Science

  1. Foster Environmental Stewardship: The Department of Environmental Science aims to instill a deep sense of environmental responsibility in students, nurturing a commitment to sustainable practices and conservation efforts.
  2. Advance Scientific Understanding: Our objective is to provide students with a rigorous education in environmental science, enabling them to comprehend complex ecological systems, analyze environmental issues, and contribute to the development of effective solutions.
  3. Facilitate Interdisciplinary Learning: The department strives to create a dynamic learning environment that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, fostering connections between environmental science and related fields to address multifaceted challenges.

These three lines encapsulate the overarching goals of the Department of Environmental Science, emphasizing the cultivation of environmental awareness, the pursuit of scientific knowledge, and the promotion of interdisciplinary approaches to address pressing environmental issues.

Teaching Faculty

Dr. Bhaswatee Barooah

 M. Sc., (NET), Ph. D.

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